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Line 36: Line 36:
 ''{{:manual:loc_container_white.png?nolink|}} Container'' » Add container filter\\ ''{{:manual:loc_container_white.png?nolink|}} Container'' » Add container filter\\
 ''{{:manual:include_packaged.png?nolink|}} Singleton'' » Add singleton filter\\ ''{{:manual:include_packaged.png?nolink|}} Singleton'' » Add singleton filter\\
-''{{:manual:loc_include.png?nolink|}} Include'' » Select what to include\\ 
 <WRAP round tip 100%> <WRAP round tip 100%>
 At least one include have to be selected to create a stockpile At least one include have to be selected to create a stockpile
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 {{ :manual:stockpile_filter_include.png?nolink|}} {{ :manual:stockpile_filter_include.png?nolink|}}
 +''{{:manual:loc_include.png?nolink|}} Include'' » Select what to include\\
 <WRAP indent> <WRAP indent>
 ''{{:manual:include_assets.png?nolink|}} Assets'' » Include assets\\ ''{{:manual:include_assets.png?nolink|}} Assets'' » Include assets\\
 ''{{:manual:include_jobs.png?nolink|}} Manufacturing'' » Include items being manufacturing in industry jobs\\ ''{{:manual:include_jobs.png?nolink|}} Manufacturing'' » Include items being manufacturing in industry jobs\\
-''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Buying'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Buying'' » Include items remaining in buy market orders\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Selling'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Selling'' » Include items remaining in sell market orders\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Bought'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Bought'' » Include items bought via market orders (After the last asset update)\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Sold'' » Include items \\ +''{{:manual:include_orders.png?nolink|}} Orders: Sold'' » Include items sold via market orders (After the last asset update) \\ 
-''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Buying'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Buying'' » Include items in open buy contracts\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Selling'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Selling'' » Include items in open sell contracts\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Bought'' » Include items\\ +''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Bought'' » Include items bought via contracts (After the last asset update)\\ 
-''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Sold'' » Include items \\+''{{:manual:include_contracts.png?nolink|}} Contacts: Sold'' » Include items sold via contracts (After the last asset update) \\
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
-''{{:manual:edit_edit_white.png?nolink|}} Edit'' » Include items\\+''{{:manual:edit_edit_white.png?nolink|}} Edit''\\
 {{ :manual:stockpile_filter_edit.png?nolink|}} {{ :manual:stockpile_filter_edit.png?nolink|}}
 <WRAP indent> <WRAP indent>
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