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Table Filters

The Manual is work in progress…
You can follow the progress in the GitHub issue

Add filter entry

Add adds a new empty filter entry

Clear filters

Clear clear all filter entries

Save filters

Save save the filter for later use

Load and Manage filters

Load opens:

Show/hide filters

Show/hide all filter entries. The filters are still applied, but, doesn't take up any UI space

Shown/total rows

Shown and total rows in the table

Filter name

Show the name if the current filter match a saved filter

Filter Entry

Filters can have multiple filter entries


Enable/disable the filter entry

Logic and Group

How the filter entry is compared with other filter entries
And: Must match entry
Or + Group: Must match at least one entry in the group


The column you want to filter entry to evaluate
Or All matching all columns


Does not contain
Does not equals
Regular Expression
Greater than
Less than


The text to match

Clone filter entry

Remove filter entry

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