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jmemory.jar helps when you have problems with jEveAssets running out of memory


  1. Close all instances of jEveAssets
  2. Double click on jmemory.jar
  3. Wait for jEveAssets to load, then exit it again (if it crash before you can exit it, that is fine)
  4. The file should now have been created
  5. Open with Notepad (or another text editor of your choice)
    1. How to open with notepad? Right click select Open with then select Notepad
  6. When you open the file it will look something like this:
    #Wed May 22 19:52:50 CEST 2019
  7. Replace the text xmx=1g with xmx=4g
  8. Save the file
  9. Now start jEveAssets again by double click on jmemory.jar
  10. Did that fix the memory problems?
    1. If yes, then continue to use jmemory.jar to run jEveAssets (instead of jeveassets.jar)
    2. If not, repeat from step 5, but replace the text with xmx=5g, then xmx=6g etc. until you do not run out of memory.
      Note: you need to restart jEveAssets (with jmemory.jar) for the changes in to take effect
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